PoroPerm Systems and Reservoir Quality Distribution.

This webinar demonstrates a pragmatic use of textural and diagenetic analysis in terms of depositional and structural setting as well as burial history. The aim is to link the microscopic (pore) scale with the much larger depositional systems and structural history scale, based on a variety of examples and real case histories. To register, click here.

Targeted to all E&P Geoscientists working in Exploration / Appraisal / Development, this webinar will demonstrate a pragmatic use of log, core and seismic analysis in terms of establishing a reservoir correlation, based on a variety of examples and real case histories.

For more info on this webinar, drop us an email at webinar@petroedgeasia.net

Here’s what past participants have said about this webinar:

“I think the webinar is very informative, an eye opener for those who work thoroughly with seismic interpretation.” Geophysicist, Pukesmigas Usakti

“This best feature of this webinar is that it showed a lot of the sequence stratigraphy and explains the potential reservoir.” Geophysicist, Pukesmigas Usakti

“The trainer delivers the complex subject matter step-by-step.” Geologist, DIALOG Energy Sdn Bhd

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